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Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright trailer with SUBS [HQ]

Just cause a little Anime makes me happy. Shame we’ll never see this game though.


Dreams & Stories

I’ve always been obsessed by dream and stories so . . . As I’m starting to get back into Blogging I thought I would begin by sharing a little list I compiled recently about what I believe are interesting similarities between dreams and stories. (While there are always exceptions to the rule I believe they …

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Eyes & Games & Morals . . .

You’ll never see your eyes; unaided. I thought that when my girl looked into mine and told me that she liked them. I thought, I’ll never look at these I’m looking through. Not in the way that I could say I saw them and believed them. ———————————————————————— Been alot of thinking today. Lots of reading …

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Mr Sad . . .

I’m Mr Sad. I’m Mr Sad who lives in an upturned smile. I’m the Mr Sad who eats tear soup. When playing Monopoly I only ever buy the waterworks. I’m that Mr Sad. ——————————————————— I’m not Mr Sad. In fact I’m quite the opposite cause of an amazing night of brain tickery . . . …

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Time for a little retrospection . . .

You must be freezing . . . Put your clothes back on! Oh, leave them off and we’ll warm wash each other in rhetoric . . . ——————————————- I’ve decided to stop apologising for the, sometimes lengthy, delay in posts. This time it’s for good reason . . . I have a new job. Hoorah! Started a about …

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Bold as Brass . . .

Hey, Went a little off the radar there didn’t I? Been a while since my last post but thought I would share a couple of bits with you all. First I’ve been busy putting a very different and unique type of show together. It’s probably best explained in the review my lovely friend and blogger …

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Just a random quick one . . .

I don’t know why I’m putting this up. I have a blog about Ignition being drafted, but I said I’d show you some things that might end up in the idea grave yard. So here you are, make of this what you will  . . . In the Girl There’s a girl in the village, …

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Overdose . . . Go on, you know you want to . . .

Hey hey, The lovely guys over at Movie Overdose have asked me on to shoot the breeze about movies and the industry at the moment. They are a wonderful podcast and Itunes fav so head on over and give them a look . . . Movie Overdose Ep #34 The return of the Cooper! Jon …

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The Dirty Feed

Sorry I was gone so long honey . . . I left a little plate for you by the fridge. Did you see it? I didn’t intend to leave it so long to blog, but I’ve needed some head space to sort myself out a little.  I’ve been mid-way between a slump and a ball …

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Just a little test of blogging from my phone!

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