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Sorry I was gone so long honey . . .

I left a little plate for you by the fridge.

Did you see it?

I didn’t intend to leave it so long to blog, but I’ve needed some head space to sort myself out a little.  I’ve been mid-way between a slump and a ball of unproductivity rolling down a hill of self reflexivity. A state that doesn’t really lend me to blogging. Lots of other people, but not me. I don’t want to go boring you with wittering platitudes after all.

These things said, it has been a really interesting time of late. I’ve had alot of navel gazing days wondering why I can’t write followed by ceiling staring nights wondering ditto on repeat. I’ve watched and enjoyed alot of entertainment, spent time with friends and gone to events to talk the ‘writers’ talk. (I’m finding myself surprisingly adept at talking the talk. I can sound like a writer even though I’m not writing.  A fishmonger wouldn’t get away with not mongering, and neither should I . . . Writing that is, not mongering.)

The turning point has come though . . .


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This plain old blew my mind!


Kevin Kelly is a very inspiring speaker, has a quite brilliant mind and a fascinating life story. I’m currently reading his book ‘Out of Control‘ and can’t recommend it highly enough. If your interested in computers, machines or the Internet in any way then it’s firing forty rivets per page.

I know I’ve spoken previously on here about my next play ‘Dirty Feed’ which is tackling elements of freedom of speech inspired by the Internet and making them dramatically stage-able. Well, when all these elements combined a shower of pennies dropped and I realised what it is I should really be doing creatively at the moment . . .

In today’s world the nature of human communication is changing, evolving and re-drawing societal etiquette. We are all in touch more than ever, and yet physically further apart than at any other time in history. We have anonymity for expression, digital representation of meat world aspiration and a peer circle circumference thicker than some interstellar gas giants.

Our artistic expression and exploration of it though is limited. Theater is suffering most. When did you last see the second act climax delivered by txt? See a relationship shattered by a clumsy bit of social network stalking? Watch a character change themselves for someone they never met?

Some examples do come to mind. The Bird and The Bee, God in Ruins, A Sudden Loss of Dignity and numerous clumsy attempts to work a txt into character conflict. Some are working, some are not. But more and more these things integrate themselves into our forms of communication. Theater is struggling to keep up. Theater is built on the pillar of human interaction and staged on the dynamic physical relations we hold to one another.  A man sat at a computer using Skype to air his feelings isn’t dramatic or interesting? I’m saying it’s going to have to be . . .

For the next year (plus) I will be working on exploring, refining, experimenting, performing and work shopping ways in which we can take technology and dynamically integrate it into performance. I will still be doing other different, and some would say more normal, works but this is over arching focus.

Accordingly this blog will be following it right the way through. A name change is about to be affected to ‘Dirty Feed’ and you will also now be able to reach it through www.dirtyfeed.co.uk and the normal www.jon-cooper.co.uk. Those of you with RSS readers may have to re-subscribe and I apologise for the inconvenience.

‘Dirty Feed – The Blog’ will now be taking the same form of this blog, with a more technology <-> performance driven bent.

I’m also pleased to announce that the first performance of this exploration will be taking place before the end of the month. The Tristan Bates Theatre has kindly asked me to participate in their Ignition event along side a quite wonderful line up.




Confirmed contributors include
Jack Thorne and Hamish Pirie,
Che Walker working with Omar Lyefook;
Tim Price and Polly Findlay;
Lydia Adetunji and Laura Farnworth;
Jon Cooper;
Kenny Emson and Laura Kriefman;
Gbolahan Obisesan
Tim Cowbury and Alice Lacey.
Gareth Farr.

More details can be found at The Tristan Bates Website


I’ll be blogging every element of the process and hope you’ll follow along / come see the finish product.

Thanks for now, and big love,


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