Overdose . . . Go on, you know you want to . . .

Hey hey,

The lovely guys over at Movie Overdose have asked me on to shoot the breeze about movies and the industry at the moment. They are a wonderful podcast and Itunes fav so head on over and give them a look . . .

Movie Overdose Ep #34

The return of the Cooper! Jon Cooper comes back to the podcast to have a chat about Adventureland. Tom and Sam have a think about (500) Days of Summer and the gents all think about the YouTube rental model. They go on to reminisce about Hackers, praise Fish Tank to the hills and have a good ol’ natter about Supernatural. The conclusion sees Tom depart and Producer John step in to talk about music in movies.

Big love,


p.s. – A piece about Ignition will follow shortly, I’ve been so obsessed with writing it that I haven’t had a chance to blog about it. That will follow soon.

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